• YYGC180

YYGC180 Drifter

  • Type:YYGC180
  • Bore Dia. (mm):ø64-127
  • Working Pressure (Mpa):16~22

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1. Introduction:

YYGC180 type hydraulic drilling machine is mainly used for the tunnel engineering, mine roadway excavation and all drilling works, blasting hole, bolt hole. It is an important and indispensable equipment of metallurgical coal, traffic, water conservancy construction, city construction and national defense earthwork construction .

2. Features:

YYGC180 Hydraulic Drifter Rock Drill has the outstanding advantages of fast drilling, energy saving, low noise, labor safety and hygiene conditions and so on. With the help of drill rig, drill frame and drilling platform, it's easy to realize drilling work which is remote control automation and intelligent humanization.

3. Specifications:

Product Type Bore Dia.
Working Pressure
Drilling Depth
Shank Weight
Hydraulic Drifter Rock Drill YYGC180 ø64-127 16~22 25.0 R32 / R38 / T45 180.0