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Quality Control in Supporting Projects

Date: 2016-12-23view:

Quality control is a part of quality management. It aims to meet quality requirement and then gain economic benefit. Through plan, implement, check and disposition for construction scheme and resource allocation, quality control in supporting projects includes pre-control, in-control and after-control, which should be under the guidance of quality principles and construction schemes.
Supporting project is a very important link during the whole construction. It belongs to security technical measure and has good effect on anti-collapse. Different locations need to be designed according to different geological conditions, structures, sizes and methods. Self drilling ground anchor is one of supporting methods.
How to strengthen quality control in supporting projects? (Take self drilling ground anchor for example)
1. Choosing professional technical persons to design scheme, who should have rich self drilling ground anchor knowledge and experience. Reasonable parameters, standard sizes and professional technologies should guarantee the quality of project.
2. The responsibility of production safety should be established and improved. Special management institution should be founded to supervise and inspect the quality standardization work.
3. Selecting the advanced and reliable supporting equipment and methods.
4. Strengthening the management of self drilling ground anchor materials, instruments and testing equipment. They should have product qualification certificate and be checked before putting into use.
5. Combining the products’ quality with installation’s quality.
6. Technical training for self drilling ground anchor should be organized regularly.
Supporting project is the precondition of safe construction, while quality control relates with people’s benefits. Self drilling ground anchor in Metis® can provide security assurance for you.

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