Social Responsibility

Integrity Management
Metis adheres to integrity management. We promise that there will be high-quality goods in Metis. We will try our best to maintain market order and protect the people's interest consciously.

Scientific Development
Metis follows the strategy of sustainable development strictly. We realize that the speed of economical development should adapt to environment, determine to change the way of economic growth and adjust the industrial structure constantly.

Environment Protection
Metis pays high attention to environment protection. In order to take the responsibility to maintain the natural harmony, we will develop new technology to control every working procedure not to emerge pollutant and assure it environmentally friendly.

Culture Construction
Metis concentrates on the culture construction all over the country. Though public service and culture cause is mainly undertaken by the government, company should spares certain financial resources and energy to support the medical care and educational issues.

Philanthropy Development
Metis takes philanthropy seriously. The development of our country’s economy is unbalanced and the difficulty in the remote area is more serious. It is our moral duty to take part in helping the needy not only in miserable disaster but also in daily life.

Staff Health Protection
Metis protects staff health and life safety. We follow the related laws strictly, inspect safety device regularly, buy insurance for everyone and create a comfortable working place and so on. We believe that “human resource is not only the wealth of society but also the support of enterprise development”.