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The Function of Self Drilling Anchor

Date: 2017-01-06view:

Self drilling anchor is a rod piece component system for reinforcement of rock and soil.
Through longitudinal pulling force, it can overcome defect of rock and soil’s tensile capacity far below anti-pressure ability. Seemingly, self drilling anchor restricts rock and soil breaking away from elementary body. At macro level, self drilling anchor increases rock and soil cohesiveness. From mechanical point of view, self drilling anchor enhances surrounding rock cohesive force and internal friction angle.
Actually, self drilling anchor forms a new complex with rock and soil in rock stratum, which mainly changes surrounding rock’s low tensile capacity and then strengthens its bearing capacity.
Self drilling anchor is the most basic constituent part of roadway support. It bounds with surrounding rock and make surrounding rock supporting themselves.
Nowadays, self drilling anchor can not only be used for mine, but also for engineering technology, providing active reinforcement for slope, tunnel and dam body.

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