• MTS Bolt

MTS Bolt

  • Size:M25
  • Ultimate Load (KN):220
  • Yield Load (KN):160

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1. Introduction:

MTS bolt is a typical combination mechanical bolt, including rebar, expansion shell, corrugated tubing, hemispherical dome, anchor plate and nut. And the rebar adopts two corrosion-prevention measurements on the bolt surface, hot-dip galvanizing and epoxy coating.

It is installed as a temporary rock support and later grouted to become permanent. For its better anchoring effect and antiseptic property, It has been widely used on projects such as sub-sea tunnels, road and rail tunnels, sewer tunnels and mining, etc.

2. Features:

• Quickly installed, easily grouted, and fast anchoring;
• Special hemispherical dome;
• Unique corrosion protection.

3. Installation:

• The MTS Bolt is installed in a bore hole of 44-51mm diameter, using the expansion shell. The hole is drilled to at least the length of the bolt. The bolt is pressurised so the plate gives immediate support

• To grout the bolt, use an injection nozzle on the grout hose. Insert the nozzle in the hole in the hemispherical dome and pump the grout. It flows up inside the polyethylene sleeve and back down between the sleeve and the drill hole.

• When the grout flows out through the hole in the plate and sets, you have solid full-length anchorage. The polyethylene sleeve seals the bolt against corrosion.

4. Specifications:

Size M25
Ultimate Load (KN) 220
Yield Load (KN) 160
Weight (Kg/m) 3.85

Size M25
Key Size (mm) 41
Length (mm) 35

Arched Plate
Size (mm) 150*150*5

Spherical grouting accessory
Size M25-38/64
Outer Dia.(mm) 38
Length(mm) 185

Corrugated Tubing
Size M25/45
Outer Dia.(mm) 36
Hole Dia. (mm) 31

Expansion Shell
Size M25/48
Length (mm) 135
Drill Hole Diameter (mm) 48