• IMT Bolt

IMT Bolt

  • Size:R26
  • Ultimate Load (KN):340
  • Yield Load (KN):250

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1. Introduction:

IMT Bolt is composed of hollow anchor bar, expansion shell, anchor nut & anchor plate, which is widely used in the medium or hard rock for temporary support and permanent support. It is more safety and efficient through the friction of the open expansion shell & drill hole.

This anchor bolt allows for a quick and easy grouting operation, where grout enters through the center hole of the bolt from the bottom and covers it completely. A plastic sealing element is used to seal the drill hole and prevent leakage of grout or resin, ensuring a complete filled hole.

2. Features:

• Advanced anchor system;
• Easy & fast installation;
• More safer for operator as mechanical installation;
• Support first and then grouting;
• Stabilized anchoring system;
• Galvanized option under ISO 1461 Standard for corrosion protection.

3. Application:

• Tunneling
• Slope Stabilization
• Mining
• Other underground construction

4. Specifications:

R26 IMT Bolt:
Hollow Anchor Bar
Size R26
Ultimate Load (KN) 340
Yield Load (KN) 250
Thread Standard (Left) ISO 10208

Size (mm) 150*150*5
Hole Dia. (mm) 30

Size R26
Length (mm) 35
Keysize(mm) 41
Weight (Kg) 0.25

Expansion Shell
Size R26/48
Lengrh (mm) 135
Drill Hole Diameter (mm) 48