• Stainless Steel Anchor Bolt

Stainless Steel Anchor Bolt

  • Ultimate Load (KN):440
  • Yield Load (KN):250

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(1) Introduction:

Stainless steel anchor bolt is made of stainless steel materials. Owning to its good welding performance & inoxidizability, stainless steel rock bolt are mainly used in the permannent support of large initial stress of surrounding rock, or other projects which have special requirement for corrosion resistance, such as subsea tunnel, seaport, seawall and some projects in the industrial pollution area. The service life of stainless steel anchors can reach 120 years.

(2) Specifications:

Size Outer Dia.
Inner Dia.
Ultimate Load
Yield Load
R32N 32 18      
T40/20 40 20 440 250  6.0