• MAI Pump M400NT

MAI Pump M400NT

  • Type:M400NT
  • Swept volume (L/H):6
  • Pressure (Mpa):6.13

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1. Introduction:

The MAI pump M400NT for installation of MAI SDA self-drilling anchors is a proven, high-quality pump used successfully around the world in tunnel construction work, civil engineering, mining and shoring of building excavations, slopes and hill sides.

The galvanized frame and steel charging hopper guarntee optimal corrosion protection and can withstand even the toughest treatment. Thanks to the user-friendly and modular design, the MAI pump m400NT is easy to dismantle and therefore quick to clean and maintain.

2. Application:

• Tunnel
• Mining
• Construction Foundation
• Civil Engineering
• Landslide
• Drilling Hole

3. Features & Benefits:

• Sturdy construction
• Galvanized frame guarantees optimum corrosion protection and can withstand even the toughest treatment
• Simple to dismantle and quick to clean and maintain
• User-friendly and modular design

4. Specifications:

Type Swept volume
Motor Power
M400NT 6 6.13 216 216 1730*590*930


1. Mixing mortar to prevent precipitation timely.
2. Pay more attention to the pressure gage. When pressure exceeds limit, to avoid the hose burst, the power should be cut off and start again until less than the limit.
3. Motor shall be installed with reliable ground electrode to prevent electric shock. Shield on the mortar pump shall not be removed at will.
4. Checking the lubricating oil of the gear box, it should be replaced timely by new lubricating oil when the bottom is not clean.
5. It is strictly prohibited to repail with charging when faults to avoid any injury.
6. Pump and piping must be cleaned up.