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Axial Force Characteristics of Anchor Bolt in Concrete

Date: 2016-12-12view:

Axial force is the main function of anchor bolt. The size and distribution characteristics of force are mainly depended by relative displacement, deformation or continuous performance characteristics between anchor bolt and rock mass.
Deformation property differences of anchor bolt and surrounding rocks are the precondition for production of axial force. Because the differences are the internal cause of inconsistent deformation and displacement between anchor bolt and surrounding rocks under the action of the same force field. The organic combination of anchor bolt and rock mass is the guarantee for producing anchorage force. While the property and configuration of anchorage style and auxiliary components determine the compact degree of this combination. The difference of anchorage style will case the differences of connecting rigidity and intensity parameter between anchor and surrounding rocks. After installing anchor bolt, the certain change of surrounding rock stress field is the condition for producing anchorage function.
So, anchorage style, auxiliary components, deformation property differences and change of surrounding rock stress field are the main influence factors of axial anchorage force’s distribution characteristics.

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