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Geotechnical Anchoring Technology

Date: 2016-12-08view:

Geotechnical anchoring technology refers to a technology that putting hollow anchor bolt into stratum to reach the goal of improving soil and rock’s self-intensity and keep self stability. Slope anchoring is one of geotechnical anchoring.
The features of geotechnical anchoring:
1. Improving soil and rock self intensity and then reaching its self stability.
2. Soil and rock becomes a part of engineering structure.
3. Relieving self gravity of reinforced structures and saving engineering materials.
4. It has obvious effect on active prevention measures.
Adopting geotechnical anchoring technology can make soil and rock in slope form a complex whole, which can increase slope’s stability, improve and enhance anti-slide performance of sliding surface. Under adverse natural conditions, it can also ensure safety, high efficiency and stability of project.
As for construction of high and steep slope, advantages of geotechnical anchoring technology are more prominent. It has irreplaceable functions on aspects of economic efficiency and reduction of erection time.

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