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Engineering Situation of Jiaozhou Bay Bridge

Date: 2016-07-06view:

The project of Jiaozhou Bay Tunnel is an important channel connecting the main city of Qingdao and auxiliary city with the length of 7800 meters, including the road segment 3850 meters and the sea segment 3950 meters . Road profile uses the "V" word slope and sets up two-way 6 lanes with a speed of 80 km / h, which belongs to a city fast track. Jiaozhou Bay Tunnel is the second self-constructed tunnel designed for 100 years service life and the function of urban road traffic. Since the undersea tunnel construction demands for high safety, long service life and scholars at home and abroad have a special study on the durability. Experts said the thickness and undulating quantity of the tunnel have a directly influence on its service life. The thickness of lining concrete of Jiaozhou Bay Tunnel closing to the air side is up to 60 mm. The construction side has been water treatment on concrete in the portal.
Metis® anchor bolt system can be used as stabilization of tunnel portals, fore-poling, face stabilization, spilling, root piling and radial systematic anchoring, which is the choice of most engineers for tunnel engineering construction. Metis® stainless steel anchor bolt is often used in subsea tunnel which has certain resistance to air, water and chemical reagents. So it has longer life, generally it can reach about 120 years.

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