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Self Drilling Hollow Anchor Bolt for Foundation Pit Support

Date: 2016-07-08view:

Soil nailing is a new supporting technology developed in recent years for slope stability and soil excavation with the advantages of low material consumption, fast construction speed, safety, reliability and economy, etc.. This technology has been more and more applied in the deep foundation pit support.
Conventional soil nailing construction is drilling firstly and then soil nailing, that is drilling holes in slope with the rock drill, inserting the steel bar and injecting cement slurry. The exposed steel bars, the mesh and the concrete will form a hole. But it is easy to collapse and shrinkage in sandy and silty soil and easy to cause soil erosion and reduce the bearing capacity of foundation soil. In this case, it’s better to use self drilling hollow anchor bolt instead of steel bar.
Self drilling hollow anchor bolt can integrate drilling, grouting and anchoring in one process during construction. It has the advantages of simple process, short construction period and high anchoring strength. This method is fast, suitable for all kinds of soil layer, easy to grouting and convenient to prestress.
Self drilling hollow anchor bolt technology is suitable for all kinds of complex geological conditions and construction environment and widely used for slope stabilization, perilous rock, deep foundation pit support and tunnel support, etc. Self drilling hollow anchor bolt applied to the foundation pit support of composite soil nailing wall in soft soil area has replaced the traditional technology of anchor bolt, simplified the process and saved the construction period simultaneously.

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