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Laerdal Tunnel——The World's Longest Highway Tunnel

Date: 2016-05-27view:

Laerdal Tunnel, located in the west of Norway, is the world's longest road tunnel with a total length of 24.51 kilometers (15 miles). It started construction in March, 1995 and was formally opened on November 27, in 2000, which costed about $ 100 million. It takes about twenty to thirty minutes through such a long tunnel. People will certainly feel boring and tired during the long driving in the windowless tunnel, which is quite dangerous. To solve this problem, a team, composed of psychologists, architects and engineers, takes the important factor into account. There are a number of unique design in Laerdal Tunnel, including the bright blue lights and subtle bending changes, which can relieve drivers’ fatigue. The most important is that this tunnel is divided into several different sections with a different design, so the driver feel like driving through a series of tunnels.

The terrain of Norway is quite old and stable with hard and dense rocks, very beneficial to the tunnel excavation. And in the tunnel construction, Metis® Self Drilling Hollow Bolt can be used as stabilization of tunnel portals, fore-poling, face stabilization, spilling, root piling and radial systematic anchoring.

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