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Chengdu–Lanzhou Railway——End the History of No Railway in Northwest Sichuan, China

Date: 2016-05-20view:

Chengdu–Lanzhou High-speed Railway is a Chinese high-speed railway connecting the Sichuan provincial capital of Chengdu with the Gansu capital, Lanzhou. It has a length of 730.549 kilometers, of which 462 km is new trackage. It is being built as a double-track electrified railway, at the national railway line class I level. The distance between Lanzhou and Chengdu will be shortened from 1,172 km of conventional rail lines to 730 kilometers of high-speed rail. Run time for train services will be reduced to about 5 hours. The total investment is expected to be 61.939 billion yuan. Construction commenced on February 26, 2011. Estimated time of completion is on February 2018. After the completion of the railway, it will end the history of no railway in northwest Sichuan. 
It will have an overall design speed of 200 kph; however, the Chengdu-to-Jiuzhaigou section will have a reduced speed of 174 kph in sections, due to the difficult and mountainous terrain. Metis® Self Drilling Anchor can overcome the problems of easy hole collapse and hard pore-forming in loose and broken soil. It can realize the preliminary stability of side slope, applied in retaining wall structures, soil nailing, foundations for avalanche protection and embankment stabilization.  Even more important, it is environment friendly construction with low noise, benefit for ecological protection. 

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