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The Presentation of Construction Method about lengthening Self Drilling Anchor Bolt

Date: 2016-05-14view:

When faced with geological disasters, road and tunnels may occur big deformation. Then, we need to choose longer self drilling anchor bolt to support and steady surrounding rocks , and we can choose shank adapter or coupler to lengthen anchor bolts, which is presented below.
1.Shank Adapter: A conversion device transfers power to bolt,used to connect drifter drill and anchor bar.
2. Coupler: Interconnect anchor bolt with internal thread sleeving.


Examples: As shown in picture 1 for hydraulic drifter, the output end of thread can be for R32 / R38 / T45 / T38, output end of thread by shanks and anchor bar, the other end of anchor bar is connect with drill bit (picture 2).
When a bolt is near the orifice during drilling, loosen the connection with shank adapter, increase a coupler at the end of the anchor bar, and connect with the other anchor bar, at the same time, another anchor bar tail is connected with the shank adapter. Namely “drilling rig - shank adapter - anchor bar- coupler - anchor bar - drill bit". When the depth of the hole is to the expected, loosen a connection between the last anchor bar and shank adapter, and add plate and nut at the end of the anchor bar to lock. Then, the drifter drill with shanks adapter starts another hole construction.

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