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The Introduction of Construction Features about Hollow Anchor Bolt in Tunnel Engineering

Date: 2016-05-06view:

As an effective anchoring means in tunnel engineering , Metis® hollow anchor bolt is largely used as stabilization of tunnel portals, fore-poling, face stabilization, spilling, root piling and radial systematic anchoring.
Its construction features are as follows:
1. Have tow functions of the bolt and grouting pipe. It is a grouting pipe when grouting, then becomes an anchor bolt after grouting without pulling out.
2. The hollow design allows the bolt to achieve a function of grouting tube, which can avoid the loss of mortar when using traditional anchor bolt.
3. Full grouting and pressure grouting. It can improve the project quality.
4. Metis® hollow anchor bolt can be perfectly put in the middle of rock by using the various parts. And its body is wrapped by mortar, which can avoid the danger of corrosion and achieve long-term support.
5. Easy installation. It is easy to install plate and nut without on-site processing thread.

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