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The Tunnel Built for 17 Years Has Opened

Date: 2016-06-04view:

On 01.06.2016 the inauguration of the Gotthard Base Tunnel was held at Rynächt Pollegio north and south. The Gotthard Base tunnel is 57km long between the north portal in Erstfeld and Bodio in the south and makes it the longest in the world, surpassing the 53.9km Seikan Tunnel in northern Japan. It has been seventeen years since the first explosion started the tunnel and it has had over EUR 11billion in investment. The Gotthard base tunnel is part of the corridor between Rotterdam and Genoa and was built 600m lower than the old railway tunnel built between 1872 and 1881. In the new tunnel will be able to carry standard freight trains of up to 3,600 tons. There will be 260 transit freight trains and 65 passenger trains a day. With all the improvements and modernization by December 2016 the travel time from Hamburg to Rome will have been reduced from 17 hours and 32 minutes to 14 hours and 31 minutes.
Tips:Metis® anchor bolt system can be used as stabilization of tunnel portals, fore-poling, face stabilization, spilling, root piling and radial systematic anchoring, which is the choice of most engineers for tunnel engineering construction.

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