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One Year Anniversary of Metis

Date: 2015-11-21view:

It has been a whole year since the establishment of Metis until November 16, 2015.

Looking back to the past one year, we are proud of its achievement: output and production value are increasing constantly, products has applied in global projects and got high praise.

Metis is a professional self drilling anchor bolt manufacturer, its products are widely used in complex conditions, which provides guarantee for security construction. 

Metis can’t develop quickly in one year without everyone’s effort, it includes not only leaders who leading us to find the direction of Metis, but also every staff who caring about the development of Metis at any time. Also, we need to thank new staffs who bringing Metis different mental outlook.

Since the establishment of Metis, every department has cooperated with each other, and with the joint effort, Metis has got great improvement. The maintenance and repair of equipment, 6S management of factory sanitation, date of delivery, etc. have improved largely, which can not only arouse staffs’ interest and enthusiasm, but also enhance productive efficiency. 

Because of the innovation of technology, equipment in Metis has improved largely, which lays the foundation for our productive task.
Today is not a destination, but a new starting point. We all believe that if every staff keep the faith of development, Metis will be not far from its goal.

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