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The Maglev Train in America

Date: 2015-11-14view:

So far, American government has approved funds to construct a maglev train between New York and Washington. This project adopts Japanese technology and it predicts exceeding 300 miles per hour. It is faster than train with tracks.

American Federal Railway Administration has allocated 27 thousand dollars to support this project. And Japan promised to provide billions of dollars for partial funds, which will shorten the time between Washington and Baltimore to 15 minutes.

The purpose of bringing this technology to America is to decrease the time between New York and Washington, which is a quite busy and northeast corridor.
After construction, it will take only one hour to pass through this 230 miles road, it is shorter than current two hours and forty-five minutes. There are several stations adding during this line: Newark Liberty International Airport, Philadelphia, Philadelphia International Airport, Wilmington, Baltimore and Baltimore Washington International Airport.

Except for the expensive price, choice of location is also a big problem. During the whole project, it will mostly pass through mountains, which will also create great difficulties for the construction of project and cause people’s worry. Security guarantee and high-quality are more important, so stable supporting system is quite necessary.

Nowadays, self drilling anchor bolt is the main supporting method for projects and it is widely used in global engineering construction. By adopting Japanese technology and American advanced supporting method, the plan of building a maglev train is not a dream.

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