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Glass Bridge in Grand Canyon of Zhangjiajie Under Construction

Date: 2015-12-11view:

December 3, 2015, the glass bridge finished closure at the grand canyon of Zhangjiajie, Hunan province, China, which has shocked the world and will be a great miracle.     
The whole length of this glass bridge is 430 meters and width is 6 meters, which is built at a height of about 300 meters. The whole bridge floor adopts transparent glass and the maximum capacity is 800 people.

At moment, the construction enters into the tail period, it is expected to be opened to the public before May of 2016.

After closure, the glass bridge at the grand canyon of Zhangjiajie will be the world-class bridge and project for tourism landscape. Also, it will be the first longest and highest glass bridge in the world. It has functions of passage, tourism, bungee jumping and tyrolienne, etc. During its construction, this bridge has overcame several difficulties: choice of materials, wind resistance, compression resistance, skid resistance and frost resistance, etc.
Technical measures have also adopted in this special bridge. To avoid deformation and vibration when people walking on bridge, 72 glass ball with 750-kilograms were settled on it irregularly. Also, as for the choice of materials, the test of loading and rolling for glass were carried out repeatedly. So every glass has the property of big size, high intensity, high depth and great load.
The terrain of glass bridge belongs to karst land feature, so geological condition is quite complicated. Suspension bridge and suitable anchorage were adopted. Grouting concrete improved its stiffness. Tuyere, steady plate and handrail were installed to improve its wind resistance capacity. Adopting new-style anchor bolt design  to ensure its safety and longevity.
At the same time, this glass bridge has created several top projects in the world. Now, concrete has been finished grouting and 4 towers of both ends have been constructed. The main cable saddle is installing and gravity anchor is pouring.

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