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Leading Anchor Bolt Manufacturer ---- Metis

Date: 2015-08-15view:

 Metis, the most professional supplier in the geotechnical engineering and construction industries. We are eager to be the international leading anchor bolt manufacturer and supply a comprehensive range of anchoring system.
Except the main products: self drilling anchor bolt, anti-corrosion rock bolt, IMT bolt and MTS bolt, Metis also develops some related products, such as rock drill, anchor net, injection pump and so on. 
The products in Metis is powerful, reliable, excellent, professional and creative. They have the advantages of adapting to different rock conditions.
1.The self drilling anchor bolt is integrated with the functions of drilling, grouting and anchoring, it can ensure the anchoring for complex ground conditions.
2.The anti-corrosion rock bolt includes hot-dip galvanizing anchor bolt and stainless steel anchor bolt, they have the surfaces of good anti-corrosion materials and can prevent the chemical etching and rusting.
3.IMT bolt suits for a quick and easy grouting operation, the special plastic sealing element can seal the drill hole and prevent leakage of grout or resin, ensuring a complete filled hole.
4.MTS bolt is installed as a temporary rock support and later grouted to become permanent, the special rebar adopts two corrosion-prevention measurements on the surface, hot-dip galvanizing and epoxy coating.
5.Rock drill, anchor net and injection pump are the complementary products which are combined with the anchor bolt and have better supporting effort.
If Metis want to be the leading anchor bolt manufacturer, the moment products are far from the times’ demands, what we should do is to improve our system, research and develop new technology, and perfect our service. Where there is faith, there is a way.

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