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Strict Material Inspections for High Quality Anchor Bolt System

Date: 2015-08-06view:

 As anchor bolt system is used more and more widely in the world, the manufacturers of anchor bolt system are more and more. For improving the competitive power, Metis focuses on every detail to assure that their products are high quality anchor bolt systems.
To produce high quality anchor bolt system, the raw and processed material is one of the most important parts. Metis has a series of strict inspections for their raw materials when purchasing into their factory.
First, when purchasing agents buy seamless steel tubes back, godown keeper will check the material first, and purchasing agents fill in the arrival notice.
After seamless steel tubes are put in storage, inspectors will check the quality certificate of seamless steel tubes and steel rods.
Then, inspectors will sample and inspect these seamless steel tubes for these aspects: 
Surface and straightness. Check if the surface is smooth without burr fins, flaws or rubber adhesion. The sampling ratio is 50%.
Physical dimension. Measure external diameter, wall thickness and length with vernier calipers, wall thickness micrometer gauges and band tapes.
Mechanical property. Measure the extensibility and tensile strength with computer screen display hydraulic pull test machine.
The result of these measures should be filled in the arrival notice of seamless steel tubes. Only these tubes that are qualified can be put in storage.
In Metis, we have strict material inspections for producing high quality anchor bolt system.

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