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Advantages of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt as Soil Nail

Date: 2016-10-15view:

Used as soil nail, Self drilling anchor bolt mainly applied to the slopes of foundation pit, highway and railway, tunnel portal, hydropower station and other engineering support.
As one of the anchor bolt manufacturers, Metis self drilling anchor bolt has the following advantages as soil nail.
1. High tensile strength and shear strength;
2. High toughness;
3. High bond strength;
4. Be adapted to the structure and non-structural surface attachments;
5. Suitable for all kinds of soil, especially for the powder soil and sand soil which are hard to operate by the conventional process; 6. The length of anchor bar is not restricted;
7. Suitable for the construction in narrow space. Anchor bar can be arbitrarily lengthened or cut;
8. The technological process is simple. Self drilling anchor bolt integrates drilling, anchoring and grouting in the drilling operation, simplifying the technological process, improving the construction speed and saving the cost;
9. Adopting the pressure grouting can make the slurry infiltrate to the micro cracks of soil, which leads to fuller grouting and higher safety factor;
10. The impact rotation, acting as a cement vibrator in the process of drilling, will make the slurry denser and have better grouting effect.

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