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Singapore Metro T217 Project

Date: 2016-08-23view:

On July 21, under joint effort of whole staffs in Singapore Metro T217 Project, the first northbound tunnel completed separate launching node. Since June 8, it had finished excavation 132.8 m and passed through underground space of high-rise building of Australian Embassy.
Thomson Line is the sixth line of Singapore Metro, about 30 km, it is divided into 22 tenders and all are designed underground. After construction, it will become the important rail transit system line connecting north Woodlands with south CBD and Marina Bay.
T217 tender project includes a station and two tunnels (754m and 745m). Tunnel excavation diameter is 6.6m and after forming 5.8m. They are distributed firstly up-down structure and then parallel. Contract gross amount is 189 million SGD and duration is 7 years.
Safe management situation in Singapore is good and tops the list of world. LTA emphasizes on eliminating and decreasing safety risk from source of work and preventing safety accidents. During construction process, project department controlled construction technology strictly, carried out concept of safety first, ensured high environmental standard, accumulated many experience about metro construction and cultivated professional technical staff.
Foundation pit protection and ground reinforcement should be treated strictly, and hollow anchor bolt is one of the best methods. It has different materials and sizes to not only reinforce tunnel, but also support ground foundation of metro. Hollow anchor bolt can also realize rapid drilling, grouting and anchoring, decrease working procedure, save time and shorten duration. That’s to say, hollow anchor bolt is the combination of speed and quality.

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