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Argentina Infrastructure Construction

Date: 2016-08-16view:

It’s reported on August 1st that China agreed to provide 25 billion dollars capital to help Argentina construct local infrastructure construction in the following 5 years, including hydroelectric, nuclear power, solar power, Belgrano Cargas rebuilding, pipeline, diversion canal and road repair, etc.
It has confirmed that China will provide 5 billion dollars to construct two hydroelectric power plants in Santa Cruz, 12 billion dollars for Atucha 4 and Atucha 5 nuclear stations, 2.7 billion dollars for repairing of Belgrano Cargas Rail, 1.8 billion dollars for investing two gas pipelines in Cordoba. In addition, there will be 360 million dollars to construct water pipe and road engineering in Entre Ríos Province and 350 million dollars for a solar power station.
With development of urban economy and infrastructure construction, self drilling bolt has played wider and wider range. It can not only be used in slope support, tunnel reinforcement, but also apply to foundation support of infrastructure.
Luoyang Metis Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. adopts several construction technologies to produce self drilling bolts with different performances and models according to specific construction condition demand, which aims to create safer space and better life for people.

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