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Reconstruction Project of Hengshan Bridge in Lanxi City

Date: 2015-09-15view:

On the morning of August 25, reconstruction project of Hengshan Bridge in Lanxi City was completed and opened to traffic. It marked that traffic bottleneck in Lanxi was completely broken.
The original Hengshan Bridge was the main entrance of south side in Lanxi, and it was also an important defense transportation bridge, so its geographic position was quite significant. With the constant development of economy in Lanxi, road situation had not met current traffic demand, especially at peak period, traffic capacity was reduced. At the same time, original bridge had only one hole, it couldn’t meet navigation demand and it had effected the construction of Big Port in Lanxi.
This reconstruction project is the major project in Lanxi City. It began to construct on July 24, 2013. The route is from Shanghua Street and finishes at Lanjiang Street. This new bridge is 472-meter long, 32-meter wide and it is designed according to the first-class highway standard. Its speed is predicted 60 kilometers per hour and total investment is about 180 million yuan. The main span has two 80-meter holes and it meets the demand of grade four waterway. This new bridge’s location is eastward 18 meters relative to the old one. The original bridge is predicted removing at the end of this year.
Since new Hengshan Bridge opened to traffic, it has largely enhanced traffic capacity, perfected traffic network, promoted urban concentration function and created a better condition for navigation.
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