Slope Stabilization

The Application of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt in Luogu Hydropower Station Slop Stabilization

Date: 2015-04-11view:

The Luogu Hydro-power Station is located in the Luogu town, Shaojue county, Sichuan province and the second level of five-level hydropower stations in two reservoirs. The river valley in the dam site shaped like the letter V, whose terrain is basically symmetry. The natural gradient is from 36°to 42°and the slope height is above 200m. Both sides of the dam site exposed basement rock which is strong weathered basalts and chopped colluvial deposit soil distributed widely from the riverbed to the mountaintop. Therefore, the surface of the slope must be supported.

The Self-Drilling Anchor (SDA) is unique anchoring system and fulfills current and increasing demands of the tunneling industry and ground engineering for safer and faster production. The system provides advantages for all areas of its applications, where boreholes would require the time consuming drilling with casing systems in unconsolidated or cohesive soil.
The hollow anchor bar is made of screw-thread steel (φ25mm), and the length is 4.5m. The hole row gap is 3m* 3m, the distance of hanging rebar (φ8mm) net is 15cm* 15cm and the thickness of the sprayed concrete C20 is 10cm.

Features and Advantages:
• Particularly suitable for difficult ground conditions.
• A high rate of installation since drilling, placing and grouting can be performed in one single operation.
• Self drilling system eliminates the requirement for a cased borehole.
• Installation with simultaneous drilling and grouting possible.
• Easy installation in all directions, also upwards.
• Suitable for working in limited space, height and in areas of difficult access.
• Simple post grouting system.



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