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4 Tips of Using Pneumatic Rock Drill

Date: 2015-05-15view:

The compressed air at the inlet of rock drill should be dry, and the air pressure should be kept 500kPa, whose minimum is not less than 400kPa. It is also required to use clean soft water; if it has to use acidic or alkaline water, the rock drill should be immediately injected some lubricating oil and run minor time without water after the work has been finished.
It is necessary to clean and reinstall rock drill when operating the new machine and it  should be tested whether it is normal under empty condition. But empty time can not exceed 2 ~ 3min or the cylinder air zone temperature should be too high and prone to the phenomenon of engine leaking or spilling.
Do the pipe cleaning and routine maintenance work well so that the rock drill can always be in good working condition. Another thing should be paid attention to is to add lubricant oil frequently. Non-oil-free operation.
Let the air in first then the water, and shut off the water then the wind. Besides, the water pressure should be lower than air pressure to prevent backflow of water to the cylinder, which will destroy the rock drill properly lubricating and affect the normal operation of the machine.

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