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Anchor Support for Dara River Hydropower Station Right Bank High Slope

Date: 2016-10-28view:

Dara River Hydropower Station high slope adopted larger diameter and depth of self drilling anchor technology, which got remarkable effect and successfully solved the problem of hole forming in the anchorage construction. This technology is simple and easy to operate and promote.
Dara River Hydropower Station project is located in Dara River in Gansu province. The high slope of the hydropower station right bank was a creep tilting downstream. There were faults, fractures, joints and broken rocks in the stratum structure. There were also two tens of meters of faults exposed for a long time after excavation. Under the influence of rain erosion and natural weathering, the overall mechanical properties of rock mass declined. During the dam construction, there have been many landslides, which have impacted on the dam construction and external traffic.
Dara River Hydropower Station right bank high slope adopted the comprehensive improvement of supporting construction technology, which had the features of good supporting effect, fast construction and low investment. Through self drilling anchor, ordinary anchor bolt and hanging net, the risk of high slope was basically controlled and the support effect was obvious. A large number of self drilling anchors were used for support so that the geological creep was successfully anchored and the weak interlayer reinforcement effect was also very good, but the deep sliding stability issues should be further studied.

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