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Metis is the Most Professional Anchor Bolt Manufacturer

Date: 2015-05-04view:

Currently, as the transport, energy, water and urban infrastructure construction increase vigorously in the world, rock anchoring shows very broad prospects. Anchor products will also have enormous market space, and there must be more and more anchor bolt manufacturers
Metis is the most professional supplier in geotechnical engineering and construction industries in Asia. We offer a comprehensive range of anchors and equipment to suit a wide variety of situations in the ground engineering and construction industries. We also provide the most innovative and effective solutions for a wide variety of ground engineering, slope stabilization, soil nailing, tunneling support, earth retention solutions.
As a anchor bolt manufacturer, we adhere to the professional brand development path, focusing on customer demand in the international market. We provide customers with products and services from the global perspective. We will gradually establish our own brand to win customer trust, recognition, promotion and strive to become an international industry outstanding anchor bolt manufacturer. Our goal is to be respected by the global industry professionals and other anchor bolt manufacturers within the industry and to achieve a global renowned brands.

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