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Hollow Anchor Bolt for Tunneling

Date: 2016-07-28view:

To improve trade between Chile and Argentina, a 14 km, three-bore vehicular tunnel (two for traffic and one for ventilation) below Agua Negra Pass is planned, which will allow year-round traffic.
The project involves the construction of a binational tunnel connecting Chile and Argentina. The project will be carried out as a joint initiative through Entidad Binacional Túnel Agua Negra (EBITAN), an Argentine-Chilean body managing the development and construction of the project. Each country's contribution to the project cost will be based on the proportion of the tunnel in its territory. Argentina will finance 72% and Chile the remainder.
The tunnel will be built 28% on Chilean territory and 72% on the Argentine side. It will link the Region Coquimbo in Chile with San Juan province in Argentina. This new route will improve transport connections, because the two existing routes are both subject to closures in bad weather and the high mountain pass is unsuitable for heavy vehicles. The road will be lowered from 4800 m to 4000 m above sea level on the Argentine side and at 3600 m above sea level on the Chilean side.
Hollow anchor bolt is a ground control solution largely used in tunneling projects. Hollow anchor bolt embodies drilling, grouting and anchoring as a whole, widely used as an efficient anchoring mean in tunnel pre-support and radial support. Especially in the narrow construction environment, hollow anchor bolt is safe, reliable and efficient and is an irreplaceable choice.

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