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The Supporting Effect of Metis® Self Drilling Ground Anchor System

Date: 2016-04-22view:

Metis® Self Drilling Ground Anchor provides an effective permanent anchor that can be readily installed into loose or collapsing ground without the need for a casing. Rotary percussive drilling, combined with simultaneous grouting, ensures that the grout penetrates the surrounding ground to provide an increased level of bond.
All Metis® Self Drilling Ground Anchors should incorporate a fixed length (bonded in the stable zone) and a free length (debonded with a sleeve, in the wedge zone) to enable the anchor to be prestressed. The prestress provides an active restraint, enabling the anchor to resist service loadings without additional elongation.
Metis® Self Drilling Ground Anchor Systems (irrespective of threadform) are very suitable as permanent anchors. The ground anchor length is flexible, it can be lengthened. It adapts to several projects, such as railway, tunnel, hydro-junction, slope, dam, bridge base, high-rise building, construction reinforcement and so on.

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