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The Quality Control of Anchor Bolt in Bridge Construction

Date: 2016-01-16view:

 On Dec.30, 2015, it was reported that India would help to construct 69 bridges in Burma, including the approach bridge of expressway among India, Burma and Thailand. Indian government declared that constructing bridges at border would further promote cultural and economic exchange and these 69 bridges would be finished before 2019.
As for bridge projects, base supporting belongs to hidden project, it needs many anchor bolts because security accident is easy to occur,so constructors should monitor quality during the whole construction.
Anchor bolt support is a common form in bridge projects, it is widely used in pier foundation and has advantages of fast-speed, small land occupation, little interference and big carrying capacity, etc.
During the construction of anchor bolt, there are measuring work, mechanical operation, drilling and grouting work. With wide variety and high technology, it’s easy to appear problems, such as big deviation, many sediment, up-floating of steel cage and some quality problems. The remedial measures are difficult and complex, so several tips need to be pay attention in advance.
To reach the goal of construction quality, every index during construction should meet design requirement and acceptance level, including anchor bolt’s location, length, diameter, intensity of concrete, sediment, verticality, material quality and ultimate load, etc.
Before construction, preparatory work should be done in advance: cofferdam, shortcut, working platform and mechanical equipment. After approval, anchor bolt begins to drill holes and grout slurry.
Slurry can avoid collapse, restrain underground water and suspense boring mud, it is an important factor for ensuring stability of hole wall. Because of complex conditions in stratum, it is important to make certain proportional slurry.

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