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Metis, an Anchor Bolt Manufacturer of High Quality Products

Date: 2015-07-11view:

 Quality is the industrial foundation of development, it is the lifeblood of enterprises especially for anchor bolt manufacturers
Metis is a professional anchor bolt manufacturer. We pay attention to quality all the more.
In Metis, we have high level inspection system and focus on details.
1, Purchased Parts Inspection
In Metis, we cooperate with leading enterprises of raw material for ensuring quality of raw material. We will inspect every kind of raw material when purchasing to the factory as well. Only the material that has passed through out inspection can be put in storage.
2, Procedure Inspection
In every procedure of production, there are inspectors examine strictly according to the production technique. They will record the disqualified products and give the judgment that if this product should be worked over again or scrapped. Also we will inspect the equipment regularly for assuring they are under good condition and the products are qualified.
3, Finished Product Inspection
Finished products also would be inspected their size and appearance. They will be packaged until qualified in this inspection. After packaging, there will be one more sampling inspection to check if the packing case is intact.Only qualified products can be allowed to delivered out of storage.
In all these inspections, the only standard is the technological drawing that the Technology Center provides.
As an anchor bolt manufacturer of high quality, Metis will provides you perfect products.

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