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Construction of self drilling anchor bolt for foundation support and detect supervision control points

Date: 2015-07-04view:

 The self drilling anchor bolt of foundation support applied for other buildings or streets around the foundation pit, deep foundation pit or the poor soil stability conditions.Self drilling anchor bolt through the friction of  its soil and soil pressure on the bolt, and if necessary, also anchor pipe can be added when necessary for stronger support to deal with a large area of soft soil layer. For foundation support, anchor supporting has flexible, economic and easy to operate, safe and fast these features.And in the process of the installation of the self drilling anchor bolt, which won't generate a lot of noise and strict with construction site, even if it also can complete the set up in the narrow space.
To ensure that the anchor Angle, slope protection pile length, pile diameter, pile body strength, the strength of self drilling anchor bolt, slump, anchor length, ratio of cement slurry, grouting pressure can meet the requirements of design, such as pile length and pile vertical error will be limited within a range, to ensure that the correct concrete label.Also, to ensure that bolt does not collapse before pouring, ensure that the diameter of the hole of self drilling anchor bolt has certain requirements and reinforcement placement locator when brace.
Prior to grouting way,wetting with water, promptly stirred slurry water after grouting, grouting equipment and grouting pipe, etc.Natural curing of not less than 7 days after grouting.When pouring concrete, to guarantee a certain degree of pressure, to adopt the suitable grouting technology, which can improve the pulling force of drill pipe.Note that when grouting pressure is not greater than 2 million Pa, but also not less than 0.8 million Pa.
First, you need to test the pulling force of self drilling anchor bolt, if the pulling force of self drilling anchor bolt could not be able to meet the requirements, and can not to conduct follow-up construction.You can randomly tested several groups, with the method of grading the applying of self drilling anchor bolt load of a given size, only in the test results show that the pull-out force of the self drilling anchor bolts are higher than design, combined with the conditions that the self drilling anchor bolt will not loose when pulled up after the construction of foundation support in the mining process , this shows the self drilling anchor bolt passing the test. 
Second, adjusting construction technology according to the stratigraphic conditions.After cement of self drilling anchor bolt solidification for 7 days, with the completion of the construction of each layer, to conduct a test with tension of self drilling anchor bolt and tensioning locking.In addition to strictly control the waist beam material, after the bolt tensioning waist beam and protecting piles together as whole.

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