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3 tips to distinguish whether Metis is the appropriate anchor bolt manufacturer for you or not

Date: 2015-06-27view:

 When you’re searching for a anchor bolt manufacturer, you want to find the best in the business—the manufacturer that will make your purchasing experience as smooth and easy as possible. The problem is, some anchor bolt manufacturers aren’t top notch. They lack the vital qualities that purchasing managers want and require from their services.
The manufacturer you choose to do business with should have specialists on staff who have years of experience in anchor bolt manufacturing. They should have the expertise you need to create the right anchor bolt for your intended project.Quality anchor bolt manufacturers understand that unique projects often demand custom-made anchor bolts, and they can meet your every demand.There is no doubt that Metis is the appropriate anchor bolt manufacturer for your unique projects.Our experienced staff undergoes extensive training and is able to guarantee that each manufactured product conforms to international anchor bolt institute guidelines.Metis will assess your engineering's individual needs to create organized solutions that provide you with a better, more cost-effective procurement plan.
2Customer service
A manufacturer with bad customer service will make you feel uneasy and frustrated. The anchor bolt manufacturer you choose to work with should be able to answer all of your questions, appease all of your concerns, and work with you to fix any problems—throughout the entire manufacturing process.Special emphasis on service from a company that values it's customers.Next to supplying reliable products,Metis provide exceptional customers service.Metis has a comprehensive service system which including purchase process service, packing service and professional after-sale service,when you call or inquiry,you'll receive a quote within hours,not days.We know that customer loyality and satisfaction are very important aspects of all business relationships.
3Quality products
Naturally, the anchor bolts you receive should be high in quality. Quality is of utmost importance, and you can’t compromise just to save a few bucks.Metis has some authority certifications,such as SGS,which demonstrates that we has strict quality control system, reliable products and excellent service.Every batch of products will be tested strictly in our factory laboratory to guarantee all of the products delivered to customers are qualified and reliable.

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