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Metis- an anchor bolt manufacturer can meet your demand

Date: 2015-06-13view:

Metis is the newest construction anchor bolt manufacturer intended for anchoring structural supports to concrete foundations. With our continuous innovation of manufacturing and constantly challenging ourselves to improve, we have become the one of leading anchor bolt manufacturers in China. We are proudly manufacture using domestic steel and support other manufacturers when ever possible. 
As China’s largest anchor bolt manufacturer ,we have enough ability to meet your demand,at
the same time,we strive to manufacture and supply what you need when you need it. Doing this in the anchoring most cost effective way possible.
1 Manufacturing facilities
The plant is equipped with all modern machines and latest facilities to support our manufacturing line.Metis offers a full range of CNC and manual machining capabilities, our onsite facilities can machine large production which runs in a fast, efficient manner with exacting tolerances.
2 Warehouse inventory
We storage dozens of tons of raw material in all the common grades. This storage lets us do what others cannot. We have highly skilled and motivated workforce and professional staff to cater the needs of our customers., we can offer services to our customers that add value and keep their project time and budget.
3 Technical support
Metis has designed a resource center to provide solutions and technical information on the proper use of anchor bolts in your construction projects. Metis is committed to sharing knowledge and best practices to improve the design of anchors.
Metis strives to meet your specific needs so you can compete in the anchoring industry., Metis stocks and supplies a full range of quality products required for all types of applications and industries.

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