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4 Advantages of R Thread Anchor System

Date: 2015-05-23view:

 1. Low Cost
In recent years, with the continuous development of hollow grouting technique and the promotion, the application range of R thread anchor system is expanding and its accessories production is increasing dramatically. Therefore, the raw material processing and the rolling equipment production of R thread anchor system presents the large-scale development trend, which significantly reduces the cost of R thread anchor system.
2. Great Durability
The grouting of the R thread anchor system is from inside to outside through the inner hole. Besides, there are stop plug and plate outside the anchor hole, which can effectively prevent slurry spillover. When necessary, the R thread anchor system also can undertake pressure grouting to make grouting cement diffuse to the surrounding rock fracture. So the R thread anchor system can form thick and homogeneous layer,  which greatly enhance its durability.
3. High Adaptability to Circumstance
The R thread anchor system has two performance: drilling and grouting. It features a hollow bore for flushing, or simultaneous drilling and grouting. As an efficient anchoring method, the R thread anchor system is used in complicated, loose and broken geological condition. It’s widely applied to pre-support project, radial support project, slope stabilization, foundation support project, roadway support project, soil nail wall, back pull anchor rod retaining wall and other rock supporting work.

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