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The Application of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt in Beijing Oriental Plaza Foundation Support Project

Date: 2015-04-11view:

 In recent years, the self drilling anchor bolt plays a more and more important role in the foundation support projects. The unconsolidated ground condition favors it for fast and simple method of installation compared to the traditional method. It has many good features just as follows:

1.Self drilling anchor bolt has two performances: drilling and grouting. It features a hollow bore for flushing, or simultaneous drilling and grouting.
2.The size of self drilling anchor bolt holes is between 40mm to 130mm, which depends on anchor bolt size you have chosen.
3.Anchor bars with full thread can be connected easily to the length you need.
4.Self-drilling bolt anchor is suitable for anchoring in broken geological condition and narrow space, which has achieved perfect effect.

Beijing Oriental Plaza foundation support project is an typical application example. This foundation support project has large volume of the work and the geological conditions is complicated. The amount of the barrier buildings to dismantle is huge, too. All these elements above lead to the difficulty for construction. The supporting structure adopts 800mm* 1000mm, 1.5m-distance cast-in-situ bored piles and socketed H-shaped piles partly. The self drilling anchor bolt supporting adopts1~3 pre-stressed anchor cables and adds soil nailing to shape compound supporting structure. The retaining wall is bricked below the ground 1.5~2.5m and top hat beam is constructed at the top of pile. After one-year monitoring, the stability of the whole supporting system reached the designed requirement.

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