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Metis Will Improve Products’ Packaging Schemes

Date: 2015-10-30view:

Generally speaking, products’ packaging refers to a series of process for packing, bagging and banding products.

Products’ packaging is customers’ visual experience for products,which is the direct transmitter of products’ character and is the direct manifestation of company’s image. Good packaging design is one of the important means for company to create profit. Accurate strategy position and reasonable products’ packaging design can help company stand out from many competitive brands and win reliable reputation.

The improvement schemes of products’ packaging in Metis are as following:

1. Establishing standard data base for packaging, ignoring mistakes made by people or during calculating. It can also improve design efficiency.

2. Learning knowledge about packaging design by going out or on the internet and then undertaking training in company. It will help to improve the further understand of packaging design.

3. Using the automatic generation system of packaging design. It will make the template of products’ packaging more standard.

4. Optimizing and perfecting products’ packaging scheme. Every department can understand it clearly and reach an agreement.

5. Ensuring the information clear and accurate when passing message to other departments.

6. Taking photos for products and accessories. Making sure that the quantity of actual products are consistent with design packaging number.

7. Redefining the design specification of wooden pallet and wooden box.

8. Going out and communicating with packaging manufacturers, clarifying production standard and then further optimizing our company’s design standard.

Products’ packaging as the outward manifestation of company brand, it can not only protect products avoiding damage during transport process, but also can show brand characters and attract customers.

Improving products’ packaging scheme of Metis is also a good expression of improving service quality.

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